Servicing Customer Needs

From the most up-to-date materials and processes, with automatic and computer control, or in-house field coils operation to protect quality consistency, Huntingdon Electric extends the effort and investment to assure customer satisfaction. We relentlessly work to meet critical deadlines, solve emergency issues, and where possible, technically enhance the performance and dependability of equipment.

Direct Data Interface with General Electric "GE" for warranty and distributor services, or our coordinating ease with Homewood Products Corporation "HPC" (formerly Westinghouse Homewood) and National Electrical Carbon Products "NECP", simplifies difficult sourcing for domestic and international customers. Added value will always be our basic approach to customer satisfaction.

 Full Service Repair and Remanufacturing Facility

 Distributor of the Best Name Brand Products in the Electrical Motor Industry

DC. Mill, Crane and Excavator Duty Motors

AC. Crane Duty Motors

AC. and DC. Motor Redesign

Custom AC. and DC. Motors

Excavator Duty DC. Generators

Custom Manufactured Field Coils

Re-qualifying Transformers and other Inductive Equipment

Large Inventory of New and Re-qualified Coils

Full Service Rewinding Facilities

Reverse Engineering of Motor or Component to enable manufacture or upgrade.

Dynamic Balancing- up to 20,000 lb.

Custom Machine/ Fabrication Work

Load Testing

Electrical Testing and Analysis

CNC Lathe for shaft manufacturing

Two computer controlled coil winding machines

Computer controlled undercutter machine

300 Ton Press for Shaft Replacement, etc.

Large Inventory of AC. and DC. Equipment

Parts Distribution for General Electric, NECP and HPC

Export Packaging

Generous Unit Exchange Program (Where applicable)

Responsible  Two Year Warranty on all our Remanufactured and Repaired Equipment

Custom Engineering.............................. and so much more.


Please contact our sales office for assistance.

Reliability for the Long Run !