Rapidly Responsive

Regardless of the need, a scheduled outage, emergency failure or facility expansion, Huntingdon Electric maintains an extensive inventory of AC. and DC. motor solutions. Our computerized process rapidly identifies the availability of Armatures, Field Coils, Shafts, Brushes, Brushholders, Bearings and many other replacement parts along with a cache of completely remanufactured units.


General Electric MD-620

Dedicated stocking facilities of over 150,000 sq. ft., housing more than 15,000 items, positions us as the largest single source of this type of inventory in North America. When it comes to finding motor reliability fast, we're the ones to take stock in. If you are suffering the headache of trying to find hard or even seemingly impossible to procure electric motors, contact us: Huntingdon Electric Motor Service, Inc. "HEMS". We have the capabilities, depth of knowledge and the contacts to ease your pain.

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Reliability for the Long Run !