Computerization at HEMS

        At Huntingdon Electric it was recognized that for the company to compete now and in the future it would have to reduce costs and increase accuracy and efficiency. To avoid compromising quality, the company needed to change the way it does business at every level. The company recruited a Systems Administrator to design and orchestrate the integration of the computer hardware and software to assist the company in the achievement of their objectives. The first year was spent researching the shape of the system that would carry the company forward. ERP (Environment Resource Planning) packages were evaluated and the “MASTER” system was chosen. This package is geared to the Electric Motor repair shops and addresses every aspect of the business, from Accounting to Inventory Control and Job Entry to Job Cost.
        HEMS used the structure of the ERP package as a template for change. The shop floor data collection and improved inventory control are well established now and the benefits for HEMS and its customers are now starting to be felt. The data collected is analyzed and reviewed so that lessons can be learned. The result is that changes can be made to increase efficiency and reduce costs while protecting the coveted high quality of our motors and associated components. Everybody at Huntingdon Electric has worked as a team, by attending meetings, accepting training, supplying feedback and by responding positively to the challenge of change.
It has not always been an easy process, indeed self-criticism for the goal of self-improvement is by its very nature a painful process. HEMS have approached the task in the way that they customarily greet every challenge to come through the door and that is through the can do and will do attitude. It is this quality of determination allied with our quality of product that has served HEMS and its customers so well in the past and will continue to do so into the future.

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