Replacement Parts


Huntingdon Electric is actively driving the cost of motor repair down by sourcing aftermarket components to offer along side OEM renewal parts by: 

  • Working directly with quality manufacturers to reduce costs and leadtimes.
  • Insisting on high quality replacement parts that have to be tested and approved by us before we will use them or supply them to our customers.
  • Mantaining sufficient on hand quantities of many components to reduce or eliminate lead times.
  • Initiating a series of promotions designed to offer customers more choice when choosing replacement parts.


Huntingdon Electric continues to live up to its commitment to reduce cost while maintaining quality by: 

  • Manufacturing our own component parts such as shafts, coils, covers, junction boxes, shaft fans, transition plates and other machined or fabricated parts.
  • Working with customers to enable them to choose a solution that best matches their requirements while observing budgetry and time frame constraints.
  • Only charging actual shipping costs for component parts, no HEMS handling costs or surcharge fees.

Authorized Distributor of GE Motors DM&G Renewal Parts

  • Parts Distribution Center via our Direct Link with General Electric Computer Networking.
  • Ability to Quote Costs and Deliver Information to the Customer in some cases while they wait.


Authorized Distributor for National Electric Carbon Products, Inc.

  • Replacement Carbon Brushes for Motors and Generators.

Distributor for Homewood Products Corporation

  • Contact Linda Harker or Donna Aumiller for more Information.

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