Coil Shop

New Coils:

Our coil shop is the shining star of our operation. We offer brand new Westinghouse and GE field coils as an alternative to OEM or reconditioned coils. The shop consists of two automated winding machines, with capabilities of winding practically any type of mill motor field coil and various other machines for strap copper winding. The efficiency of the automated machines is unparalleled, allowing us to manufacture coils within hours. The data for each motor coil is stored in the machine, allowing the operator to access it in minutes.


Side view of a coil being wound

If there happens to be a particular coil that is not available in the computer, all that is needed is a sample coil, and our expert winders can adapt that to the automated process. Only the highest quality copper is employed in the coil manufacturing process. After winding, the coils are dipped in special varnish and baked for a specified time. The coil is then painted with shell paint and baked again. We then test each coil thoroughly. If there are any inconsistencies, the coil is discarded or re-taped and dipped again. Conventional winding machines can also be found for winding general mill motor coils that use strap copper or conventional DC type motors. All new coils carry a two-year warranty.


Completed MD-620 Field Coil wound

new at Huntingdon Electric

Re-qualified Coils:

A less expensive alternative to new coils is Re-qualified coils. These coils carry the same warranty as new coils, but at a fraction of the price. While these coils in their used form are undesirable for use in a remanufactured motor, they are easily repaired and after a series of steps are comparable to new coils. We offer all types of Westinghouse and GE Mill Duty motor coils, and specialize in the reconditioning of MD and MC 600 and 800 series motors. Our reconditioning process begins with the coil being stripped of its taped and cleaned. Then the coil is re-taped, dipped and baked. The coil is painted and baked again. We then test the coil and pot it to a pole piece if needed.


Reconditioned Coils

At Huntingdon Electric, we believe in having a substantial inventory of coils to fulfill our customers’ needs. In our business, timing is everything. Our inventory of over 1000 types of coils ensures that we will have what you need.


If you are ever in need of field coils or interpoles, please remember our name. Huntingdon Electric Motor Service is your one-stop-shop for all of your DC Mill and Crane Motor needs.

Please contact our sales office for assistance.

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